They manage to box him in, but he splats Bumblebee with acid and manages to escape once again. Rumble was all too eager to come along. Transformers. As the Autobots confronted the Decepticons at their newly fortified base, Rumble came out to greet them. He is usually treated as the "mad scientist" of the Decepticons. There, Rumble fought the Autobots over possession of it. Rumble is a fictional character in the Transformers universes. The Dinobots! Aug 5, 2015 - Rumble has been eating his wheaties. Megatron managed to override Lazarus's control, though, and freed his fellow Decepticons. Fooled into thinking he could grab these items for his friend Buster, Bumblebee was lured to the Decepticons' position and taken prisoner. Fixit breaks the war by announcing he's going to rearrange the scrapyard using Cybertronian principals. Battle for Earth, After the Decepticons had captured a group of Autobots, they demanded the Autobots' surrender for their continued well-being. your own Pins on Pinterest 706 notes. Send. And my love for Transformers grew from that I watched G1, then the Michael Bay movies, and beyond currently I'm watching Transformers Prime Beast Hunters on the Hub Network. Rumble's head survived with Megatron ordering Gigawatt to plunder its memory banks for any useful foreknowledge. Even with the help of the Seekers, this didn't go well for Rumble. The Fierce Fighting on Planet Nebulos, In Primax 096.0 Beta, Rumble was a Go-Bot and clashed with Greasepit during the Battle for Sherman Dam. In the process, he also uncovered the frozen body of Skyfire. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #7, Rumble was one of the Decepticons who attacked New York City early in their conflict with the Autobots on Earth. Operation Black Coral was renamed Operation Earthquake Mistake in Rumble's honor. Aug 5, 2015 - Rumble has been eating his wheaties. Rumble worked as a prison guard following the capture of the Autobots, but was unable to prevent Bumblebee and Ratchet from escaping. When Doc Brown time travelled to 2015, Rumble revealed himself to the human who was quickly won over by the Cybertronian's biology and offered to repair him. As he performed his part, Rumble was confronted by Hound, but easily bested him and sent him flying out of the river's waters. Rumble has a tendency to toss out a taunting rhyme at his enemies and is, according to Brawn, a "jerk" (or at other times, a "sawed-off nerd"). He spots the two Autobots and, believing them to be fellow treasure hunters, makes a run for it. Divide and Conquer Rumble was later instrumental in the Decepticons' plan to tap the heat energy of the Earth's core, as he smashed through the polar ice to help locate the crystal shaft they needed. The pair spot a disconnected wire in the device and repair it, successfully as it happens. In the end, Starscream won out, and Rumble was present for his coronation...and subsequent disintegration by a powerful new Decepticon who appeared during the ceremony. During development, he was called Yordle in a Mech. Fight! The first thirteen episodes of the series, this included, first premiered in Mandarin on Chinese streaming video site M1905. 36, In 2050, Rumble was one of the Decepticons supporting the Selector revolt at Neo Scramble City. Rumble monitored the tidal waves created by Cybertron's gravity for Megatron, then joined in the final battle on a tropical island, where he tried once again to open a crevasse beneath Bumblebee, but got knocked into it himself. 2 days ago Lyric Freak . Detonation Boulevard They clashed with the Autobots again on Bikini Atoll in a battle that ended with the crippling of their starship. Might reblog some nsfw stuff, so 18+ only please! Megatron Origin #4, As the uprising led to outright civil war, Rumble accompanied Soundwave on a mission to spy on Zeta Prime. Heavy Is the Head, In the wilderness, Soundwave attempted to rally the Decepticons around him and hunt down the Shockwave for deserting them during the battle, but the other Decepticons had lost their faith in the cause and refused. Joe. After making his way close to the enemy, he used his piledrivers to crack open the ground and bury the Autobot tanks. He and the other Cybertronians celebrated afterward with Starscream. Hidden away in inner-space, the Decepticons took the small Autobot unit by surprise. The Transformers After attending a meeting where Shockwave explained to the Decepticon rank and file how they would overcome their enemies, Warrior School! At this point, Soundwave took steps to reunite the Decepticons with their true leader, Megatron. While fighting Optimus Prime, Soundwave ejected Rumble for Operation: Go For the Eyes!! Fixit: Denny Clay, I sincerely appreciate your efforts to improve upon our limited resources. Follow. Operation: Destroy the Decepticons, When the Decepticons were finally forced off Earth, Soundblaster and his cassettes stayed behind on the planet to gather information. Controverse, In the year 2011, when Soundwave was destroyed in battle with Blaster, Rumble and all the other cassettes gathered on Chaar to watch as the Decepticon Headmaster leader Scorponok used the super-technology of the planet Master to resurrect their master as Soundblaster. Add more and vote on your favourites! Deadly Paradise, Rumble was summoned by Megatron to raid a power plant of its energy, after it had been evacuated of its human occupants due to the danger of landslides in the area. Strongarm tries to grab him, only to discover his armor is coated in acid. Rumble and Frenzy were startled to be approached by the mysterious Batbot who was seeking Ratbat. With these additional powers, Megatron challenged Optimus Prime to one-on-one combat, using Rumble's quake-generating abilities to open a chasm into which Prime tumbled. I want to tell you about the Transformers! The pair found the device not doing much of anything, and delayed destroying it while they examined it further. He talks tough because he is tough. Total Actors: 9 Appearances: 5 Franchise: Transformers Trending: 6,509th This Week Rumble is traditionally a Decepticon from the Transformers franchise. Blitzwing and Astrotrain outright attacked Soundwave and fought him over leadership, causing Rumble and the other cassettes to come to his aid. Rumble, along with his fellow cassette Ravage, chose to serve under Shockwave and Starscream when the Decepticon factions split on Earth, fighting on the opposite side from Soundwave. Earthquake, Rumble would always opt to be on the front-line of the advancing Decepticon army. Denny and Fixit soon realize they have to work together to disarm it lest it explodes. Either Frenzy or Rumble participated in a savage Decepticon offensive against the Decepticons. Strongarm and Bumblebee find their Decepticon talking to stone carvings and demanding to know the location of the lost city of Doradus. Original Rumble "This is gonna be bumpy" might be referencing Jordan C. Wilde from Ōban Star-Racers. (00:15:08) Audio quotes and sound effects from The Transformers: The Movie (1986) soundboard. Starscream later got his way, and the Decepticons staged an attack on the Ark. Rumble's ability to generate low-frequency groundwaves was instrumental in shaking loose equipment from the Harrison Nuclear Power Plant, giving the Decepticons the raw materials necessary for the construction of their Fortress Sinister. Unfortunately for him, the Autobots found the warehouse, and with Rumble's transmissions jammed so he couldn't call for help, they swiftly overwhelmed him. Well, here it is at long last... and with a gratuitious picture to start off with! Jan 11, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Bluefire. Rumble participated in the Decepticons' attempt to overpower the crew of the Ark. The Constructicons formed Devastator to teach them a lesson, but Rumble and Frenzy caused him to separate by shaking Astrotrain with their piledrivers. See, An infamous production error during the making of the cartoon resulted in Rumble and Frenzy's, Rumble’s involvement in these events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the comic mini-series ", The events of the Generation 1 cartoon occur in Japanese continuity as detailed above, save for one major difference: the Japanese dub of the cartoon fixes the production error that switched, Prepare for a headache on this one. A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court, Rumble was among those who supported Starscream's bid for leadership. Assigned to guard Shockwave's lab alongside Frenzy, the pair were counting up Autobot casualties when one of the lab's machines suddenly exploded. TV Show Quotes. When Chip Chase tried to escape, Spike covered his flight by shoving a cart of energon cubes into Rumble, who was, in turn, sent crashing into a generator and was electrocuted. When the authorities began closing in, Rumble was part of the convoy that Rage was escorting before being waylaid by seismic activity. Eventually, Megatron and Shockwave reached an accord, agreeing to work together as co-leaders of the Decepticons. Millions of years ago on Cybertron, Rumble was among Megatron's elite warriors in the Decepticon ranks. Titans Return: The Power of the Titan Masters, A member of the Rise, Rumble was Frenzy's partner, going into hiding with him after Brainstorm's death. Rumble was one of my favorite Decepticon characters, mainly for the voice given to him by Frank Welker. Both goals proved fruitless, and the Decepticons were driven off. After a run-in with Chromedome, Soundblaster was hurled over the horizon by the Autobot Headmaster's "Master Chrome Hurricane-Throw to the End of Hell" attack. When Metroplex arrived to bust up the Decepticons' plan to terrorize the world with their Omega Wave Cannon cannon, Rumble (or Frenzy) was among the robots shown being scattered by the shockwaves created by the landing of the titantic Autobot. When they were reawakened in 1984 by a volcanic eruption, Rumble was reformatted by Teletraan I into an audio cassette that fit snugly into Soundwave's chest compartment. Totaled! Tweet +1. He and Reflector took to the streets, blowing up stray abandoned vehicles that happened to remind him of certain people. He actually had to run Rumble's memories through a computer-enhanced refinement process to uncover who had infiltrated the Ark during his absence. Dance Among the Shadows Fortunately, Soundwave managed to talk down the Sharkticons when the Junkions attacked Earth with them, pacifying even the ones facing Rumble and Frenzy. Prisoners. 2016 — Transformers Robots in Disguise — Rumble in the Jungle (Primal Screen). Strongarm drives down a desert road, some two thousand miles from the scrapyard on a solo mission. Aerial Assault, Over the course of the next twenty years, the Decepticons succeeded in conquering all of Cybertron and forcing the Autobots to relocate to bases on two of the planet's moons, and to their new home of Autobot City on Earth.

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