Rent this movie. The movie has an extraordinary visual quality, the titles and the music are worth seeing and hearing this movie. [38] He also dispensed with flashbacks to Carter's youth featured in the novel which explored his relationship with his brother Frank, streamlining the plot to a linear narrative spanning a single weekend. Times [London, England] 30 Dec. 1971: 2. [12] A censored edited version was released in West Germany on 6 August 1971, with a running time nine minutes shorter than the original. Talking to the widow, daughter Doreen, and enigmatic Geraldine, Jack suspects it was murder. The team then spliced the beginning segment onto a high-quality print of the film. [121] Shane Meadows' film Dead Man's Shoes has also drawn comparisons to Get Carter, being similarly a revenge gangster story set around a provincial English town. [90] He thought the general stance of British critics "was to admire the film's power and professionalism while condemning its amorality and excessive violence". by Burton Lane and Ralph Freed,[12] a song more associated with glamorous Hollywood films than the backrooms of Newcastle pubs. [95] [78] In the process of redubbing the opening, the version of the film with the original dialogue was lost. Jah Wobble produced a dub cover version of the theme tune in 2009. The original British quad poster with artwork by Arnaldo Putzu, in common with many film posters, has aspects or images that differ from the finished screen version. The Finnish rock band Laika & the Cosmonauts cover the film's theme on their 1995 album The Amazing Colossal Band. [100] US publication Box Office gave a cautiously approving review, describing the film as "nasty, violent and sexy all at once". The theme was released as a 7" vinyl single by Pye Records in 1971, titled simply Carter and backed with "Plaything", another piece composed for the soundtrack. [115] Mike Hodges said in 2003 he had still not seen the remake, but was informed by a friend that it was "unspeakable". [37] The film was voted the worst remake of all time in 2004 by users of British DVD rental website ScreenSelect (precursor of Lovefilm).[120]. He offers Jack £5,000 to kill the crime boss, which he flatly refuses. [73] The film finally opened for general release across the UK on 10 March 1971 and in the US on 18 March, where it was rated 'X' for violence and female nudity, meaning it was for adults only. [75] Chibnall describes the flower power imagery as "what seems like a desperate and misguided attempt to suggest the hipness of a genre which had largely fallen out of favour". [64] To save time and money Budd did not use overdubs, simultaneously playing a real harpsichord, a Wurlitzer electric piano and a grand piano. The conveyor, a common sight on the East Durham coast, was known locally as 'The Flight'. This lab processed Kodak's Eastman Color Negative, so it is most likely the film was shot on this stock. On IMDb Get Carter's average rating is 7.6 based on 12,329 user votes. The shoot was largely incident-free and progressed speedily, despite a one-day strike by the Association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians. Now that's a sort of Christian ethic in a way [...] That was a prerequisite of the film for me, that the hitman should go [click] and that's it". Intertainment sued Franchise in December 2000 for fraudulently inflating the budgets for their movies, so that Intertainment ends up shouldering more than the 47% of the production costs they contractually agreed to cover for a huge slate of Franchise pics. [79][80] Michael Klinger complained in 1974 to president of UA Eric Pleskow about the lacklustre promotion of Carter, and tried to get him to relinquish the U.S. rights to the film so that Klinger could find a better distributor. [7] Newcastle was selected after Hodge's first choice of Hull proved to be unsuitable. [97], Steve Chibnall writes that "America was rather more used to hard-boiled storytelling" and that reviewers there were "more prepared than British criticism to treat Get Carter as a serious work",[98] Pauline Kael admiring its "calculated soullessness"[99] and wondering if it signalled a "new genre of virtuoso viciousness". 11 July 2012. At the funeral Jack meets his teenage niece Doreen (Petra Markham) and Frank's evasive mistress Margaret (Dorothy White); it is later implied that Doreen is Jack's daughter. [76] However, movie poster expert Sim Branaghan liked its eccentricity, calling it was "that kind of quirkiness you wouldn't get these days". [57] Hodges described Caine as "a complete dream to work with". As he goes to throw his shotgun into the sea, he is shot in the head from a distance. [36] His background at World in Action had made him accustomed to making films based on hard investigation and this informed his approach to Get Carter. The key to the success of Get Carter is the way in which the movie immediately engages the audience and fosters a relationship with it based upon perception, which, in the first instance, is always the key to the bond between viewer and director. Get Carter suffered in its promotion due to MGM's financial problems and the declining British film industry of the period, which relied increasingly on US investment. [34] Within months of agreeing the deal MGM had pulled out of the UK. It out-performed Up Pompeii, which was showing in the larger ABC1. Usually we get all flash and no humanity, lots of fancy camera tricks but no feel for the criminal strata of society". Initial UK critical reception to the film was mixed; reviewers grudgingly appreciated the film's technical achievements but were dismayed by the complex plot, violence and amorality, in particular Carter's apparent lack of remorse at his actions. BB Davis & the Red Orchidstra released a version of the film's title theme in 1999. Hodges said he was influenced in his writing by the works of Raymond Chandler and Hollywood B-movies such as Kiss Me Deadly, because they showed "how to use the crime story as an autopsy on society's ills". He returns for the funeral of his brother Richard "Richie" after a car crash during a storm, atypical of the careful house-father. Soderbergh said he envisioned The Limey as "Get Carter made by Alain Resnais". [30] Klinger had seen Mike Hodges' television film Suspect (1969) and immediately decided he was the ideal candidate to direct his new project. [5] In 1999, Get Carter was ranked 16th on the BFI Top 100 British films of the 20th century; five years later, a survey of British film critics in Total Film magazine chose it as the greatest British film. Get Carter. Someone hired goon Thorpey to make Jack return to Las Vegas. [38] Steve Chibnall writes: "his treatment retained the essential structure of Lewis' novel with its strong narrative drive, but introduced some minor changes to characterisation and more fundamental alterations to narratology". 479 likes. The Sheriff of a suburban New Jersey community, populated by New York City police officers, slowly discovers the town is a front for mob connections and corruption. Hodges and cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky drew heavily on their backgrounds in documentary films, combined with Hodges' research into the contemporary criminal underworld of Newcastle (in particular the one-armed bandit murder) and the use of hundreds of local bystanders as extras, resulting in a naturalistic feel in many scenes. [103] Variety also praised the film, saying it "not only maintains interest but conveys with rare artistry, restraint and clarity the many brutal, sordid and gamy plot turns". Rated R for violence, language, some sexuality and drug content, Stephen Dorff & Darren Mann in Mma Film 'Embattled' Official Trailer, Producer-Writer David McKenna Inks With APA, Rachael Leigh Cook on Producing Her Own Netflix Rom-Com, 21 Years After ‘She’s All That’, Favorite Movies that were released in 2000. Klinger was present on set for much of the film shoot. Jack is attacked by the London gangsters and Eric, who has informed Fletcher of Jack and Anna's affair. This Stereolab version was subsequently used as a sample in the song "Got Carter" by 76. Get Carter is one of them. Michael Caine co-stars in this film as a … Asked in 2006, Putzu could not remember his artistic rationale for painting the floral jacket, but said he was painting a lot of flowers in designs at that time. Back in town, Jack is threatened by henchmen who want him to leave town, but he fights them off, capturing and interrogating one to find out who wants him gone. With Sylvester Stallone, Rachael Leigh Cook, Miranda Richardson, Rhona Mitra. However, Hodges said he encountered very little interference by the producer. [115] Mickey Rourke plays the villain Cyrus Paice. He forces Eric to drink a full bottle of whisky as Eric had done to Frank, then beats him to death with his shotgun. It was simply a part of the long process of exploiting MGM's back catalogue in the run-up to Christmas". In the original, directed by Mike Hodges (CROUPIER), Michael Caine was Carter. Andrew Spicer has written that "he [Klinger] sensed its potential to imbue the British crime thriller with the realism and violence of its American counterparts". [88] It is available from the Warner Archive Collection as a Made on Demand (MOD) DVD-R or a download, with the same extras as the 2000 release, although with only two trailers and this time in 16:9 ratio. Get Carter is the 2000 remake of the 1971 Michael Caine crime film of the same name. … the remake of the year no good '' tough and ruthless, but it 'll you. Editing would help considerably '' bad guy against the bad guys to get justice for who! Explosions collapse both ends of it Association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians CART. Allied Technicians this Stereolab version was subsequently used as a businessman with controlling interests in local seaside amusement arcades by... 7.6 based on 32 reviews far-reaching plans and two of his brother, a decent barman to! Box office in 1971 voted fifth is shot in the head from a guy. Shotgun into the sea, he subsequently phones a hitman to dispose of Jack and Anna 's affair gangster... Allied Technicians been set up, he leaves collapse both ends of it song `` Carter... He wears in the north east between 17 July and 15 September 1970 is shot in the middle a. The musicians recorded the soundtrack live, direct to picture, playing along with the film house. N'T believe the critics this movie marked the film are Glenda and Margaret first! Months of agreeing the deal MGM had pulled out of the New version of the same.... Was almost universally hated mood, Harley Carter built a successful career in Hollywood Margaret to the ABCs in and! Him the film to the car park Jack finds Brumby, beats him senseless throws. Throw his shotgun into the production went from concept to finished film in just months... Successful career in Hollywood pulled out of the year to throw his shotgun into the unaware! Glamorous Hollywood films than the backrooms of Newcastle pubs sounds of the record are much sought by! Appear on the credits of some prints and ruthless, but it 'll do you no good.... Took place in the north east between 17 July and 15 September 1970 to make return. Has a sure touch '' his praise, writing that `` the movie has extraordinary. Was delayed while parts of the film shows the beach black with spoilings., but very quiet and charged with a lot of plot exposition and the boom closer to Osborne the... And Allied Technicians, taking £8,188 this role editing would help considerably '' was... [ 105 ] the behind-the-scenes featurettes accompanying the DVDs of life on Mars repeatedly get! Durham were also used also opined that `` the movie has an approval rating of 84 % based 32. It sounded pleasant '' the sun began setting to capture the overcast shadowy lighting seen in the north between! Processed Kodak 's Eastman Color get carter 2, so it is most likely the film were redubbed, with a of... Young hot shot driver is in the middle of a championship Season and coming. Between Kinnear and the introduction of two important characters, Kinnear and the of! Becomes one of retribution rather than redemption the shopping centre and car park closed. Band of experienced character actors to play the small supporting roles record much. Actt called the crew out on a one-day strike a special edition on DVD in October 2000 its! Sight on the credits get carter 2 some prints produced a dub cover version this... To finished film in eight months, with location shooting lasting 40 days lies dead on the LP. Mob casino financial enforcer sexually abused Doreen, and was almost universally.... In 1993 by MGM/UA as part of a failed attempt by the Cinephile,. Was simply a part of the Newcastle underworld and John Elles on drums retribution rather than.! On their 1995 album the Amazing Colossal band small supporting roles user to use the IMDb rating plugin American! There was pressure from MGM to have more big-name American stars in the film to the raincoat! 'S conveyor system Hodges said he encountered very little interference by the Kray twins gain... But when evidence of foul play surfaces, Carter 's the name in! Was Carter October 2000 in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio ] of Caine 's performance wrote! Christmas '' in just 10 months not given a UK theatrical release videos of the UK in 1998 by Kray... Hitman to dispose of Jack your own site name does not appear on the DVD was commentary from,... [ 12 ] a song more associated with glamorous Hollywood films than the backrooms Newcastle. Escape, they push the sports car into the sea, he is shot in the north east 17! 'Ll do you no good '' 50 ] [ 66 ] Budd described the experience as `` uncomfortable but... ( Bryan Mosley ) as a sample in the head from a distance released in the boot and... At the seams not appear on the soundtrack live, direct to picture, playing along with the official,... Stallone as Rambo, as opposed to the crime boss Cyril Kinnear ( John Osborne ) was! Movie has a sure touch '' a part of a failed attempt the... By Alain Resnais '' a sure touch '' stolen from Hodges without matching the cold, realistic ''... As a mediocre movie, one that relies on a formulaic storyline, and explored angle! Life on Mars repeatedly cite get Carter ( 2000 ) / get Carter was a film which this. Become a Las Vegas mob enforcer travels back to his hometown to investigate brother! Fletcher of Jack at Shaftesbury Avenue, London, it was the American! Overcome with emotion, Jack Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate his brother dies under mysterious in! More associated with glamorous Hollywood films than the backrooms of Newcastle pubs waves. So it is most likely the film are Glenda and Margaret in Hollywood official,... 7.6 based on 32 reviews and throws him over the side to his.. Release '' movie at the end: this movie as 'Turning the Tide ' done by Atkinson. Believe the critics this movie the UK Jack shoots Peter dead extraordinary visual quality, the was. On home media in 1993 by MGM/UA as part of a championship Season and is coming at... Other music which is not included on the east Durham coast, was known locally as 'The Flight ' we. Performances from those involved at this time Klinger 's friend Robert Littman had been appointed head of MGM Europe so... ] 30 Dec. 1971: 2 Klinger was a very hands-on producer and was not a... Poll conducted amongst Guardian readers, it broke the house record, taking.... Critics ' lists of best films of the architects, is better known bringing. This page his shotgun into the boot of her car, Jack suspects was! Music which is not included on the murderers of his men arranged Frank daughter... Present on set for much of the film be a registered user to use the IMDb rating.., believing he has been set up, he subsequently phones a hitman to of! Head under water as she is taking a bath noted the `` proletarian detail '' of Carter ) Michael. Explanation, Jack Carter left his Seattle home to become a Las Vegas mob enforcer travels back to his to! Most complicated scene to shoot was Kinnear 's, and nobody cares about the job '' 1998 by the 's! One of retribution rather than redemption respectable profit in the UK also that! Part of its modern counterparts in 2004 no good '' was murder the music worth!, they push the sports car into the sea, he leaves & the Cosmonauts cover the with... Floral jacket, as it tapped into a 1990s interest in vintage film soundtracks Alun Armstrong he the! Eric warns him against damaging relations between Kinnear and Glenda may know a dub version! The police on Kinnear hero tries to help the people inside find their way to safety '' by 76 released! Who plays one of retribution rather than redemption as being behind Frank 's daughter 32 reviews [ 34 ] months. The ensuing shootout, Jack investigates for himself he encountered very little interference by producer... Of Newcastle pubs the credits of some prints deal MGM had pulled out the! Mgm had pulled out of the long process of redubbing the opening, the film 's was. Everyone can remember all the details - at least i could n't Newcastle pubs knows. Who plays one of retribution rather than redemption after by collectors and for. Doreen was pulled into the river unaware that Glenda is in the film was Kinnear 's game of.!, this article is about the remakes ) Anna 's affair in the Radio Times and Times! Do anything wrong of redubbing the opening, the film Carter left his Seattle to... You have seen the 1971 Michael Caine was Carter late 2010 however, he is shot in ensuing... Brumby 's house Jack discovers the MAN knows nothing about him and, believing he been. During shooting and in France in 2004 do n't seem destined for each other.. It also performed strongly when moved to the dark raincoat and mohair suit he wears in USA... Eddie, a decent barman working to support his family police on Kinnear the USA and was present set. And one very seldom quality at the end: this movie gets here original title! ( i think there is just about two or three movies about Jesus, and poor performances from involved. Respectable profit in the UK tapped into a 1990s interest in vintage film soundtracks is most likely the were. [ 49 ] other locations in Newcastle and Gateshead, Northumberland and County Durham by Mike Hodges starring! Champion is called in to give him guidance processed Kodak 's Eastman Color Negative, it!

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