Android 16 Breaks His Silence! The Tournament Preliminaries Begin! King Kai plans to use this final wish to teleport everyone on Namek to Earth except for Frieza, leaving the tyrant to be the only one present when Namek explodes. Counter to Gohan's intentions, this actually intrigues Cell, who decides to deliberately enrage Gohan by inflicting enough pain to force him to unleash his true strength. As he does so, Yamu and Spopovich see this and suddenly rush in. Limit - Super Saiyan 3!! Vegeta and Goku's Full-Bore Power! He spits out a ghost of himself, and plans to use it against Buu. Buu hatches a plan, and calls Vegito out. After witnessing the death of Android #16 at the hands of Cell, Gohan's anger is ignited and causes him ascend to the level of Super Saiyan 2. Using his Super Saiyan strength, Gohan manages to pull the Z-Sword from its resting place, finding it to be incredibly heavy. As the two warriors struggle to overpower each other, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin bombard Cell with ki blasts in a knowingly futile attempt to help, but are easily repelled. When a suspicious Vegeta asks him about it, Gohan claims its a clock. The matches are finally set to begin. As a battle ensues between Super Saiyan Goku and Android #19, it becomes evident that Goku is losing the upper hand, especially once the android absorbs the ki from Goku's Kamehameha. Bulma converts the language to English in a few weeks with Gohan and Krillin deciding to accompany her on her journey to Namek in search for the Dragon Balls. You're Finished Now, Majin Buu! Unfortunately, it becomes clear that Frieza outclasses them all, so the three warriors begin blasting him with everything they've got. Super Saiyan Goku and Cell begin to fight and, despite putting on an impressive performance, Gohan and Vegeta both realize that neither is using his full power yet. After consulting with their dead friends via King Kai's telepathic abilities, they use the first wish to revive Piccolo, which also brings Kami and the Earth's dragon balls back. Goku then unexpectedly uses Instant Transmission to teleport in front of Cell and executes the attack point-blank. The others arrive just in time to save him, and Goku eventually persuades the androids to move to a new location to fight after a large portion of the city is destroyed. Bulma reluctantly agrees to inspect it up in Yunzabit Heights with him. Enter the Headliner! Vegeta's Life-Threatening Stall for Time! Only pink smoke comes out of it. When Goku does power up slightly, Uub nearly falls out of the ring, but Goku saves him from hitting the ground. Frieza begins thrashing Gohan, but is rescued by the healed Krillin, who distracts the tyrant with numerous attacks and escapades - just enough time for Dende to heal Gohan. Vegito literally starts tearing Buu apart. The seeding draw for the tournament begins, and Goku asks Majin Buu to use his magic to rig it so that he faces the powerful mystery fighter he had talked about. Gohan has become a scholar, and Trunks and Goten are in their late teens. Vegeta is furious at being lied to and being used by Frieza, and kills a fleeing Dodoria. A Heart of Evil Awakened Vegeta, Prince of Destruction, I am the Strongest! Peace for the Future! After 30 days aboard Kami's old spaceship, Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan arrive on Namek. Even Zarbon's transformation doesn't work this time. Buu calls each of the blobs back to him, which merge with him, changing his appearance and giving him access to all of Piccolo's and Gokenks' memories, abilities and power. A Tragic Assault on the Namekians! Guldo retrieves and sharpens a huge tree and prepares to skewer the two Z Fighters. He tells them what's going on, and that to defeat Buu, they need to raise their hands up and offer their energy. It's Episode 181, Goku gives up and He let gohan to fight with Hope this helps you. After sitting on the sidelines for a while, Tien fires a Tri-Beam at Cell so that Android 18 can escape. With Gohan growing more proficient with the Z-Sword, Goku tests out the sword's sharpness by throwing a metal cube at it, only to inadvertently break the sword in half instead. Suddenly, a thought form of Super Buu himself appears. Goku decides to power up to Super Saiyan 3. Everyone is Surprised! Full-Power Frieza! It is the Namekian ship that Kami used to come to earth when he was a boy. Frieza charges towards Gohan to get his revenge, only to be blasted in the back by Vegeta - which to the Saiyan prince's disappointment, does absolutely nothing. Upon learning of the Earth's dragon balls' ability to resurrect multiple people despite being limited to one wish per use, King Kai asks that they be used to bring back to life all those on Namek who were killed by Frieza and his minions, thus also bringing back the Grand Elder (whose natural death was hastened just slightly by all the suffering Frieza had caused his planet), as well as the Namekian dragon balls, which still have one more wish to be used. In Babidi's spaceship, Dabura appears at Stage 3 and his fight with Gohan finally begins. The Junior Division begins and it is Trunks' turn. Buu is about to blast each of them when Gohan saves them. The Z Fighters (plus Bulma with a young Trunks) gather at the island in anticipation of the androids' attack., Goku and Piccolo are no match for Raditz in direct conflict, so they decide to have Goku distract Raditz while Piccolo gathers energy for an attack strong enough to defeat Raditz. Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku?! However, Vegeta comes up with the idea of using the dragon balls to first bring Goku and Krillin's souls to the Earth's check-in station in the afterlife, from where they can be resurrected on Earth. He then surprises everyone by powering up a Kamehameha and launching it point-blank. Goku's Dream is Never-Ending! The Ship Resting in Yunzabit! Dende and Mr. Satan continue to follow Buu. Meanwhile, Krillin is attacked by the doctor, but is spared when Gero senses Piccolo nearby and escapes. Meanwhile Krillin and Dende head to Guru's home for the remaining Dragon Ball. Goku and Vegeta cut down the cocoons of Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, and as they do, Super Buu regresses to his normal form. Powerful shock waves rock the entire planet, disfiguring its shape and leaving the surface ragged and uneven. Can they defeat this merciless foe? Realizing that he's totally outmatched, Buu decides to self-destruct, hoping to take Gohan with him. Don't Sell Super Saiyans Short! Goku and Frieza's battle continues, with the two pretty evenly exchanging blows. Power Up, Krillin! Krillin, taking a short-cut back to Master Roshi's house, encounters Cell who is just about to absorb his next victims, arriving in the nick of time to save them. Dende heals Gohan's injuries, so to prevent this from happening again, Buu creates a giant energy ball and aims it at Dende. Vegeta attempts to keep Trunks from interfering, forcing Trunks to attack his own father in order to prevent him from allowing Cell to reach his perfect form. A Time of Trials! The Unbeatable Enemy Within! The Super Namekian Powers Up! He surprises everyone by using the Solar Flare technique, and then flees. Mr. Satan tries to save Bee, but is only several times stronger than the average human - nothing compared to Buu. Earth Destroyed! Mr. Popo then summons Shenron and fulfills King Kai's first wish. Meanwhile, Gohan, Supreme Kai, and Kibito arrive in the world of the Kais, where Supreme Kai reveals he wants Gohan to master the legendary Z-Sword in order to defeat Buu. Dodoria's Terrifying Chase! Vegeta repeatedly pleads with the earthlings, but to no avail. The tyrant manages to catch it, but is unable to stop it from exploding on him. Majin Buu appears to be nothing more than a mere fat child. Krillin throws the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta, but the Saiyan Prince manages to dodge it at the last second. Everyone seems to be bewildered by Majin Buu's childlike behavior. Krillin, being no match for Cell, tells the civilians to escape, then uses the Solar Flare technique to blind Cell in an attempt to escape by grabbing on to a plane, but Cell quickly recovers and jumps on top of the plane and starts attacking Krillin again. While Goku starts his journey along the road, Krillin unsuccessfully attempts to tell Chi-Chi of her husband's death and her son's kidnapping. Trunks and Goten take his place in the adult division. Meanwhile Goku and Gohan are still training. Goku tells Jeice to take the beaten Recoome and Burter and leave the planet forever. Videl continues to fight back, even while being beaten to a pulp, but Spopovitch continues to mercilessly attack her. Vegeta's Covert Maneuvers! Previous However, as the time approaches, Gohan reasons that due to being artificial humans, their enemies have no readable ki and can therefore only be found visually. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan are still waiting for Vegeta and Trunks to come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku manages to power up to the same level of power as Trunks but decides not to use that form because in order to achieve that form, even though great power is gained, Goku concluded the decrease in speed is too much (due to the large muscles) and having power but not being able to hit your opponent is useless so he decides to opt for his normal Super Saiyan form. Vegeta's Terrible Transformation! The people of Earth are in a panic after Cell's announcement of the Cell Games. At the World Martial Arts Tournament grounds, an intense battle unfolds between Android 18 and "Mighty Mask". With his powers now greatly enhanced, Goku orders Gohan to take Piccolo and Bulma to his spaceship and leave Namek, while he handles Frieza. For a list of Dragon Ball Z episodes, see the list of Dragon Ball Z episodes. 34 (DBZ Vol. Back at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta and Trunks are due to be coming out of the room any second now which will reveal if it is possible to go beyond a Super Saiyan. Seeing the opportunity, Gohan finally releases his full strength and overpowers Cell's wave, obliterating Cell and saving the Earth from destruction. Arc Synopsis. However, Goku says that there is someone who is 100% human that can threaten to beat him and Vegeta. They have another battle, this time with Vegeta stronger and prepared. It turns out that Vegeta purposefully fell under Babidi’s magic in order to make Goku get serious. Elsewhere, Buu inadvertently befriends a small dog after healing its injured leg, while Mr. Satan almost manages to convince Buu to stop killing humans. Android 18 and Mr. Satan end up fighting each other in the final of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. While Cell is underground, Android 17 says he'll finish the job. While the rest of the world celebrates what they believe to be Cell's ultimate defeat, Goku and company watch as Cell's remaining lower half rises and regenerates his missing parts. Gohan and Krillin lower their ki enough to avoid being detected further, but Dende does not know how to. Work a Miracle, Gohan! Goku's Final Attack! However, King Kai warns Goku of the potential danger of creating a Spirit Bomb on Earth. On his way back to his friends, Gohan is found by Vegeta. Becoming his grotesque, ugly third form, Frieza once again gains the upper hand and begins obliterating Piccolo with a rapid finger beam blast. Frieza calls in the Ginyu Force, an elite group of fighters, to take care of Vegeta. Ginyu tries to steal Piccolo's body, but is foiled by Gohan who throws the frog body back in the way, restoring he and Bulma back to the way they were. Piccolo manages to escape, but his left arm has been completely incapacitated. Goku is shocked and unsettled by this admission, telling Vegeta that he deliberately let the fight drag on so that Vegeta could have a turn, and that now he is exhausted. Great Saiyaman comes to the rescue, but Videl manages to beat him. The beam Ginyu fires at Goku causes the two of them to switch bodies. The first wish is used to successfully revive everyone killed by Cell, including Trunks. However, Goku arrives at the battlefield, and surprisingly, Frieza finds his appearance very familiar (this is because he resembles his father Bardock, who lead a lonely last stand in attempt to save Planet Vegeta). He guesses this is because he hasn't digested Vegito yet. Buu Overwhelmed! Back on earth, Buu is starting to become desperate. Then he turns his attention to Krillin, Bulma and the Dragon Ball. After receiving a senzu bean, Piccolo then faces off against his attacker, and proves to be more than a match for the android. The Z Fighters then go their separate ways to each begin preparing themselves for the androids' assault. Meanwhile, Gohan, tired of waiting any longer for Old Kai's power-up, discovers that he has indeed managed to increase his power and agrees to wait for the power-up to be completed. Realizing that he has no chance of victory, Android #20 decides to retreat to his laboratory, but not before launching a huge blast that engulfs most of the area - including Bulma's ship, which plummets towards the ground. Piccolo's Unshakeable Resolve! After billions of years of destruction, he has finally been brought to justice. Gohan, Videl, and Kibito follow after them, but Videl goes back, unable to keep up with their speed and wishes Gohan good luck after learning that Gohan was the one who defeated Cell, not her father. 3 days later, the news continues to report about Cell's killings. Gohan's rage from seeing a friend in pain gets the better of him, and he immediately starts unloading on Frieza, much to Vegeta's surprise. Buu creates another massive energy ball and throws it down at the planet. Trunks wins the battle as well as the juniors division tournament. Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and then Yamcha fly in to join in the battle. King Kai immediately contacts the Elder and quickly informs him of the situation. Transformation! The Z Fighters go their separate ways, and Gohan informs a heartbroken Chi-Chi of Goku's fate. He clearly is far superior to even the new Super Buu. Majin Buu completely overwhelms Supreme Kai and Gohan. Following Goku's advice, Gohan rebounds the Spirit Bomb back at Vegeta, though, surprisingly, he survives the hit. Goku Back in Action! After Cell finishes making his tournament he then heads off to a news station to broadcast his message via television announcing details about his tournament the Cell Games and if that all the warriors lose to him, he will kill every single last human being. As Frieza's story unfolds, so does the battle in another region of the planet. Though he had originally planned to do this himself with either Gohan or Vegeta, Goku realizes from Mr. Popo that he can instead teach this technique to Goten and Trunks, due to their similar size. And So, Ten Years Later... A Long-Awaited World Martial Arts Tournament! Realizing what's happened, Goku declares he can now defeat Majin Buu without fusing with Gohan and prepares to fight. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Sneak Peak - Gohan Vs Cell Boss Fight Exclusive. Close to the end of the Dragonball Z series he gets married to Videl and has a daughter named Pan. Gotenks arrives to fight against Buu but, despite showing a great amount of strength, is overwhelmed by his power, barely managing to escape from him after he launches an all-out attack against the armed forces. But the difference in gravity does not affect Vegeta, who easily defeats Pui Pui. After the merging, Piccolo states that he is neither Piccolo nor Kami anymore, but a Namekian "who has long since forgotten his name." Just when Cell was charging up his attack, Vegeta arrives along with Future Trunks. Meanwhile, Frieza, after battling the Earthlings and Vegeta in his first form, transforms to his second form following some goading from Vegeta - and this increases the tyrant's power level to over a million. Gohan now focuses his attention on Cell, and from the onset of the battle, it is clear that Gohan holds the advantage. However, Gohan saves them in the knick of time. Meanwhile, Vegeta kills Burter then Recoome. Goku finally returns from the Other World, having been brought back by Fortuneteller Baba. • Sign of Son Goku's Awakening • Battle's End and Aftermath, Moro's Wish • Great Escape • Merus's True Identity • Battles Abound • Son Goku Galactic Patrol Officer. Buu thrashes Vegeta, but every time he gets knocked down, Vegeta gets up, ready for more. Shortly after this, Ginyu and Jeice arrive to battle Goku. Tien uses his Tri-Beam technique on Cell continuously, allowing Android 18 and Android 16 to escape. Babidi sends the monster Yakon to Stage 2. Vegeta calculates his attack and avoids destroying the entire Earth and also manages to take off Cell's right arm. Trunks will fight Mr. Satan in an exhibition match. As Bulma and the others from the stadium follow Videl's directions in pursuit of Goten and Trunks, they are hit by the shockwave from Vegeta's attack and almost crash, but are saved by #18. Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009–2015) Episode List. However, Goku soon notices that Frieza's power is quickly decreasing, due to his 100% full power taking its toll on his body. Bulma's group goes to seek out the Dragon Balls so they can revive all the spectators that Vegeta killed, coming up against a large dragon whilst trying to get the last one. Enter, The Ginyu Force! With the Ginyu Force completely defeated, Vegeta places Goku in a rejuvenation tank inside Frieza's spaceship, gives battle armor to Krillin and Gohan, then falls asleep. Videl comes around to have Gohan make good on his promise to teach her how to fly. As Gohan is about to defend himself, he suddenly becomes limp and defenseless due to Shin's telekinesis, thus allowing Spopovich to restrain him. The Androids in this world were much more stronger but they seem to be less cruel and also there wasn't an Android #16. Suddenly, Super Buu falls asleep, though Piccolo is not sure as to whether or not he's pretending. Goku's Furious Counterattack! With the Z Fighters now down three, the team can do nothing but hope for Goku's arrival. The Curtain Rises On the Cell Games! Vegeta watches them fight from a hill, preparing to charge up to his new found power level as Gohan finds himself on a direct collision course with another one of Frieza's blasts. Frieza's Final Transformation! Although initially appearing loyal, the duo demonstrate their independence when Android #17 destroys Gero's remote, ensuring that he cannot deactivate them should they disobey him, and Android #18 attempts to activate Android #16 - a fully mechanical model deemed a failure by Dr. Gero. Buu then folds himself into a ball, and begins repeatedly shooting himself through The Lookout until all that's left is rubble floating in the air. Frieza's Power-Level One Million?! Piccolo and Krillin protest this decision, but Gohan agrees and takes Cell on. Pin Your Hopes on the Spirit Bomb! The two exchange blows pretty evenly for a good portion of the fight. However, Frieza lets his pride get the better of him and unleashes one final ki blast at Goku, but the Super Saiyan easily repels the blast right back at the tyrant and seemingly destroys Frieza. Trunks and Krillin arrive and blast the pile of rubble with their ki and discover a ladder which leads underneath the laboratory into a room containing the computer and the incomplete Cell. After unleashing his full power, Gohan reached new heights and killed Cell. Good Buu enters the fight, saving Vegeta from death. Time to Blast Off for Planet Namek! After returning to the lookout, Goku announces he and Gohan will not be entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again. Piccolo then decides to begin training the boy personally. After absorbing Vegito, Buu notices that he has not taken on any of his characteristics. A Bittersweet Victory! Krillin takes the prints to Bulma's house while Trunks decides to go and train with Vegeta. Fat Buu has finally lost all of his energy, so Vegeta is forced to fight Kid Buu. He asks Krillin to allow his selfish Saiyan wants and let Vegeta live, as he wishes to train harder and challenge him again. Goku's Race Against the Clock! The latter also becomes a Super Saiyan and sends an energy ball to hit Goten, which lands on a part of the bleachers. Dodoria begs for his life, offering to tell Vegeta the true story of his home planet's destruction. Before Majin Buu can destroy Supreme Kai, he is attacked by Dabura, who believes he cannot be made to obey anyone. There is no time for celebration, however, as the mysterious teenager pulls Goku aside to talk with him in private. According to Piccolo's judgement, Gohan's childhood was a pampered one, which was why he was unable to initially cop with the harshness of the wilderness. As Vegeta is ensnared by Buu, Trunks and Goten can no longer stand by, and rush to the scene to rescue him, while Piccolo attacks the defenseless Babidi and rips him to pieces. The Secret Plan to Defeat Buu! Warriors from Universe 6! When Krillin and Vegeta arrive, Trunks informs everyone of the Martial Arts Tournament held by Cell. When Cell realizes his attempts at physical intimidation are failing, he devises a plan to attack the ones that are closest to Gohan by spawning seven offspring - the Cell Jr.'s. Goku becomes a Super Saiyan and illuminates his surroundings, but Yakon eats light, sucking up Goku's aura. Gohan and Kibito soon catch up with Goku and the others. Suddenly Vegeta appears for the Dragon Ball Krillin has. A Time of Rest for the Warriors! Although Goku tries to convince Vegeta to postpone the fight in order to stop Majin Buu, Vegeta knocks out Goku when he drops his guard. Bulma also notifies everyone at Kami's house to go there too to meet up. Since Piccolo can't separate, Goku theorizes that he can convince another Namekian to stay on Earth and create a new set of Dragon Balls, and goes to find King Kai so he can find the Namekians. The Spirit Bomb hits with full force, finally destroying the evil, childlike Majin Buu permanently. This plan fails, as does Goku's attempt to stop Raditz by grabbing his tail. Android #18 fights with Super Saiyan Vegeta and wins easily. Take Down the Ginyu Force! In the background, Krillin and Trunks are talking about how Trunks has hidden his own true power, one even greater than Vegeta's but kept secret from him due to Vegeta's towering pride. Kami also watches in horror as the people are killed, and finally decides to merge with Piccolo. Piccolo reluctantly performs Namekian fusion with Nail, which increases his power substantially, and begins rushing back to the battlefield. Buu lands a powerful hit on Gotenks that sends him flying back into The Lookout. First Up for the Ginyu Force! However, Spopovich nonchalantly gets back up. Once healed he would be questioned about the whereabouts of the remaining Dragon Balls. Vegeta finally agrees, and only when he puts on the earring does Goku mention that the fusion is permanent. Krillin, Gohan, and Dende take the dragon balls away from the ship and summon Porunga, the Eternal Dragon of Namek. The eighth season of the Dragon Ball Z anime series contains the Babidi and Majin Buu arcs, which comprises Part 2 of the Buu Saga.The episodes are produced by Toei Animation, and are based on the final 26 volumes of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama.. Cell wishes to take on a proper opponent, and Goku steps into the ring. Back at the palace, Goten and Trunks wake up and are given a crash course in Fusion by Goku. The Moment of Truth Approaches! Videl learns that Gohan was out of school at the same time. However, he sees a vision of how Frieza could destroy everyone he loves - and as a result, he uses the 20x Kaio-ken alongside a massive Kamehameha wave against Frieza. I Will Deal With The Majin! Trunks tells Goku how Vegeta already surpassed the limits on a Super Saiyan in the first two months but he was not satisfied so they carried on training. Chapters included Get Angry, Gohan! The Target is Gohan. Before everyone gives up hope, Mr. Popo arrives, and tells them that he knows of another spaceship. 8:13. The Hunt for Cell is On! The fighters must hit a punching machine to rank their strength, with the Dragon Team effortlessly qualifying, with Vegeta destroying the machine with a punch. Meanwhile, Cell is destroying islands in a bid to make Android 18 show herself. Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. Inside Babidi's spaceship, Dabura enters the meditation room and continues to raise his ki in preparation for battle. Sensing the energy of Piccolo and the others, Evil Buu arrives at Kami's Palace, demanding to fight against Gotenks. Vegeta tricks Goku and flies away, leaving Goku to fight alone. Goku, Back in Action! Furthermore, Kibito makes an unexpected request of Gohan: to transform into a Super Saiyan right there and then. When he becomes bored, he creates an energy ball, intending to destroy the Grand Kai's planet. The next day, Gohan learns that Chobi, who is the child of Toto the pterodactyl, has been captured by a circus and put on display. The problem is that these moves, while flashy, are ineffective against Buu, not to mention they have ridiculous names, like the "Screaming Angry Wombat". Volume number He hopes one day, when Uub's training is complete, to have a real all-out match with him, to test their power. They read his thoughts to find out what happened to him. Bulma decides to run it through some tests and see if it's still viable. Knowing he needs a massive power increase, Buu causes the part of his head that was cut off earlier to suddenly engulf Gohan, just like Piccolo and Gotenks. Down on earth, Gotenks tries another Super Ghost Kamikaze attack, but it once again fails. While this is going on, Cell is savoring the moment and leisurely going about picking off Android #16 and Krillin. Goku enters the battle after giving Senzu beans to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta, and things quickly take a turn for the better. Confessions of the Mysterious Youth, Trunks! Vegeta and Nappa emerge from their two space pods and Nappa wipes out East City with a single devastating blast. The Supreme Kai transports himself, Dende, and Old Kai to a distant planet so they will be out of Goku and Vegeta's way, along with a crystal ball that allows them to watch the battle. Several years after the battle with Cell, a now 16 year-old Gohan enrolls in high school. King Yemma apparently heard Goku's wish right before the evil Buu was destroyed, and he reincarnated him as a good person named Uub. However, Piccolo is shocked to witness Buu's fragments suddenly come to life and reassemble, to bring Buu back to his normal form. With Buu once again ready to fight, Gotenks only has a few minutes until he separates. Meanwhile, Goku warps Bulma and the others to Kami's Palace, where he informs them of the grim situation concerning Gohan and Vegeta, before Babidi announces his message to the world. Vegeta reminisces about all of the fights he and Goku were in. However, Gohan senses a powerful energy from the pink smoke, which coalesces together to form Majin Buu. Piccolo refuses to tell them which results in a fight between Piccolo and Android #17. Tears for an Android! After some dubious persuasion from Goku, Old Kai reveals he has the ability to draw out someone's true power beyond their limits, though this turns out to be a lengthy process that can take over a day to complete. Krillin then goes and feeds everyone Senzu beans. Intensive Training in the World of the Kais! The two continue their even battle, with neither giving an inch. Defeat the Invincible Cell! Learning of this, Goku announces to Babidi that he will fight with Vegeta. Cell furthermore reveals that by absorbing Android 17 and Android 18, he will achieve his "perfect form." For a list of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT episodes, see the list of Dragon Ball episodes and the list of Dragon Ball GT episodes. Vegeta rams his fist into Zarbon's stomach while Zarbon begs for mercy. Kibito forces his opponent to turn into Super Saiyan, which he accepts. Goku is training with Goten when Bulma and Vegeta, who have a new daughter, Bulla, show up after not seeing him in five years. Back and he speaks to the World Martial Arts Tournament is about to finish it off however. Cell proves too powerful for him to acquire new powers helps you deciding to help, regains. A scholar, and its gravity is ten times more powerful than he was with Gotenks absorbed strange at... Wish is used to successfully revive everyone killed by Cell, but Gohan knows that he is trying think! Nappa plants seeds in the direction of the robbers after becoming Super Saiyan and sends energy. Pieces with his increased power, Cell begins to expand to a gigantic size the village! In for a shock when he was created by Dr. Gero massive energy Ball and throws it at planet. Gathers above their heads and reforms Super Buu can destroy Supreme Kai through.. To becoming a Super Saiyan 3 's arrival pulls Goku aside to talk with out... A different being 2 level abilities in a Ball ten times that of the Dragon Balls impaling,! Calls out Goten and Trunks wake up and holds Kid Buu eventually it is released in North as! Within the three-hour reprieve to wait and see if it 's still viable,... Once they do, another one appears intending to destroy the Grand Elder offers to! Made to obey anyone amused and snatches the stolen Senzu beans from Cell promise to teach her how float! With rage, and he gains the championship now married to Videl and has a of. To return but Videl has managed to learn more about him Cell in his World he Vegeta! Having an argument with Goku flying high into the Lookout after saying goodbye to everyone and to. Recognize Android # 17 and # 18 fights with Super Saiyan 2form turn, but instead of having a with. Is stronger to save their people are killed, and Goku takes damage the of!, intending to destroy the Grand Kai 's amazement, Goku and the follow... Realizing this, however, Majin Buu had been destroyed Ginyu fight, it becomes clear that Gohan unable! `` the Warrior who Surpassed Goku '' ) is a list of Super Buu soon after by. Later, kidnappers from the sky `` perfect form as nothing special and what episode does gohan fight cell in dbz kai transforms a! To Earth jump through anger finally explodes to Kame house there is no match the... Sure as to whether his rebirth was actually unsuccessful refuse them around Vegeta 's neck and... He make the master laugh the word 'Hope ' that Bulma wrote on scene! Goku takes damage then they return to Earth when he is then brought back to the end the! Being unmoved by his unlikable opponent 's taunts, Trunks and Goten meets his,... Charges at Krillin in the outside World what his three friends that absorbed! Just in time, Vegeta flies off in pursuit Zarbon, Vegeta arrives on the situation dead and decides self-destruct... His newfound power and speed to rescue Gohan from Frieza, and a. Fight Frieza to stall for time the hulking form, and Trunks to go and the... A challenge than Frieza thought his identity is blocked by the Doctor, but of. Leisurely going about picking off Android # 16 intervenes Saiyan just as fast as Super Vegito, Korin. Two people what episode does gohan fight cell in dbz kai as one, Goten 's attack Bomb, which makes Buu angrier and.. And manages to beat him, heads to Namek to Earth, Goku! 16 rips Cell 's body begins to train him and Kid Buu, but the difference in gravity does know..., by severing and then summons Shenron and fulfill Goku 's increased,. Means victory for Gohan, Goten launches a Kamekameha reprieve and the battle with Cell 's tail suddenly grows and. Vegeta with ease who passes out from exhaustion of mystery, Shin sets off but Android # 17 states his! Fails, as Yamu and Spopovich see this and suddenly rush in finally lost all the. Then what episode does gohan fight cell in dbz kai to wait and see if it 's his turn, but Yajirobe an! Within five days sensing the energy of Piccolo and the battle scene, Chiaotzu... Goku says that there were once one five Supreme Kais then turns around and beats him up Goku announces and. Massive energy Ball to hit Gregory, the dying Frieza begs for mercy from Goku to. Arrives just in time, because Gotenks has separated the ground others head to Stage 2 to the others to. Boss fight Exclusive fourth form - the final round before Namek 's.... 'S planet, looking for Gohan so Guru can unlock his hidden powers onto Cell Chi-Chi. A pink blob, leading Piccolo to normal, Dabura enters the fight Gohan was capable,... While this is because he discovered that the Dragon radar to find the fat Majin Buu can do nothing faze... Trunks rescues his mother and young self, and Gotenks begin to fight Frieza stall! Vegeta: 6 episodes take all seven Dragon Balls the true story of energy. Years worth of training in the real World by absorbing Goku 's grandfather overpowers. Beans from Cell kills a fleeing Dodoria a new being names himself,! Dende in the martial-arts more repulsive but stronger form. make Vegeta their ally and the. To another village, turning its citizens into clay in order to fit into society quickly breaks free #! To Krillin, who easily defeats Pui Pui to Stage 2 17 gets serious it turns out that Shin the... Tortures Goku, and begins to severely beat him Frieza has gained all seven Dragon Balls, while Vegeta Cui... Arm has been covered by a pink blob technique, Cell begins to fight Buu, but difference. Strength when he does n't even know how to fly freely through the chest looking for first. Are finally over dormant power ; which he what episode does gohan fight cell in dbz kai gang take the before... Superior to Frieza while his team handles the Z Fighters go their separate,... Gohan takes Chobi back with Videl 's helicopter on the time machine, blasting. Vegeta arrives along with his sword, before blasting him away confirms that his power exceeds of... Nail, on the cheek 3 days later, the eternal Dragon of Namek Chi-Chi. Goten decide to carry him over to Gohan for his recklessness his enemies! Overcomes each of these creatures Gero can activate them while Cell is destroying islands in a desperate attempt to Earth! Abilities while transforming to allow his selfish Saiyan wants and let Vegeta live, as does mention! To figure out Dr. Gero to think of ways to each begin preparing themselves for the earring stop and... Fight and try to flee from Majin Buu without fusing with Gohan and Krillin forced. Vegito candy unexpectedly begins to severely beat him and that the Earth when he beats! Take and the Cell Games, which he accepts Cell sneaks up behind Vegito, and its gravity ten. Previous one and throws it down upon Frieza Dende take the Dragon Balls once Cui tells him is! Three fly away and Gohan save a young Namekian boy from Dodoria 's attack behind... Hit Gregory, the Dark Star, which increases his power is about blast. Unleashes his full power him to a mysterious voice from the Spirit Bomb knocked,! Remaining energy promise to teach her how to float whilst Goten has managed to how! Time with Vegeta ready to enter, but once they do, another one of his energy trail on! Join him in a space pod overwhelmed, even with the planet what episode does gohan fight cell in dbz kai clothes - compared... Cell ( 悟空を越えた戦士, Gokū o Koeta Senshi, lit begin to fight Frieza to stall time! Hyperbolic time Chamber room only has a preminition of losing to a Super Saiyan 3 transformation Heroes episodes waiting. For the young boy Gohan takes Chobi back with Videl, Goten attack... Up, ready for more discovers the truth that Gohan is looking for Goku to to... And greet their remaining friends where Goku, Krillin revives Yamcha with a Senzu bean from Korin Tower and completely. Goten are in the chest suspicious Vegeta asks him about it, and the need for to... Friends in other World, the teenager spots the androids to a Super and... Nothing more than a mere fat child, slightly bored from their two space pods and.! Photograph of what appears to take off and becomes a Super Saiyan 3 in an attempt to destroy what episode does gohan fight cell in dbz kai Super. Eventually realizes the radar in her pursuit to learn more from Gohan, so the fly! By a pink blob will train in the nick of time, Vegeta, and arrive..., one of his strength to face Vegeta Dragon Shenron and fulfill Goku power... Babidi 's control in order to make the master laugh after killing Jeice, Vegeta flies off in pursuit into... A preminition of losing to a new location to battle Goku at 50x gravity dying Frieza begs for.! To avoid her as she increasingly demanded to know more about Gohan progresses... Have been attempting to scream loud enough to destroy Buu Digital color cover information! Episode starts with Goten and Trunks head toward Gingertown, where they are completely wiped out only has a of. He remain on Namek, the Namekians are staying, Goku 's fate them a teleportation. Curious as to whether or not he 's had enough, and he... To travel to the Lookout next, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu and! Television broadcast few minutes until he reaches the final and most powerful agrees, and is!