It is also possible that other European dogs were mated to native Indian Curs, most especially the Beauceron, to give the Mountain Cur its remarkable herding abilities. He learns commands and tricks quickly. It may be impossible to trace the different types of dogs that make up the Cur, but one thing is certain: it’s a very tough and dependable dog whether it is in the wild and wooded areas of the mountains or in the dry or swampy areas of the plains. We rescued a pup from Kentucky, they guessed Catahoula leopard dog and lab… nope! Some Mountain Cur Are Known As Pariah Dogs, Mountain Cur vs. Treeing Tennessee Brindle, 5. The Mountain Cur is strong, capable and able. Traceable as far back to 16th century England, this breed was first used for hunting rabbits and other small animals. Temperament The Mountain Cur is not a submissive, laid back dog. In the last two decades of the 20th century, Afton, New York-breeders Michael, and Marie Bloodgood created a new type of Mountain Cur they called the Mountain View Cur. Protective. It is not showy when it comes to its affection for its family. Mountain Cur Temperament . The Mountain Cur is a very active working dog that needs a lot of daily exercise. Very often they will have white markings on their face and chest. This is one dog that always aims for the nose of a rampaging bull. Key to understanding the Mountain Cur temperature is to know they are a working breed with the ‘working’ part not being optional. Thank you. Cur type dogs, such as the Mountain Cur, are not to be confused with Feist type dogs – small hunting dogs. Not to provide for this need will cause the dog great frustrati… There Are Five Pedigree Mountain Cur Bloodlines, 3. For example, if not socialized properly as puppies, they may chase other household pets like cats or even young children. The more people it gets acquainted with early in its life, the better it is for the Mountain Cur to temper its guarding instincts. Very quick learner yet very stubborn too. Mountain Cur Temperament The Mountain Cur temperament is surprisingly versatile allowing them to be tenacious hunting partners as well as dedicated family companions. Care The Mountain Cur is easy to groom. They are not known to sit back on their laurels, but love to learn, understand and solve complex problems very quickly. However, among dog experts and fans, the Cur Dog is actually referring to a hunting dog used for treeing. Ear infections can also be prevalent because of their outdoorsy nature. In fact, this is a courageous dog with a lot of dauntless features. The Mountain Cur is a hunting dog with a good treeing instinct. These canines are never described as easy-going or submissive. They must be brave and strong-willed enough to face down vicious large size felines. She looks identical to the pictures of the brindle on this website. We rescued a pup from a shelter that came from Tennessee and was said to be a boxer mix. Lead very active outdoor lifestyles, preferably those who venture into the woods or other rural landscape, Have older kids, preferably older than 8 years of age, Understand the need for a more positive approach to training, Can socialize the Mountain Cur the moment it steps into the house, Really don’t like to exercise, much less head outdoors for some really fun activities, Believe in aversive training methods as the only way to teach dogs. Some Curs have also been reported to reach 95 pounds. Today Layla starts her 13th week of life. They are always looking for a job and consequently do not do very well with being left alone. There are dog breeds that may not be very popular but are, nevertheless, the perfect fit for a certain type of family. fur). Otherwise, it will be the other way around with the dog teaching you how packs behave. We are so lucky to be with her. We had her three weeks and she is a love. It is common to think that a Mountain Cur is aggressive, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. They were quite the duet when they both joined in together! The Mountain Cur’s temperament is a little different to your common household pet. People think he is a yellow lab till they see his ears and tail, and want to know what he is. Many dog aficionados consider the Mountain Cur as the first American purebred. A Mountain Cur isn’t a dog you encounter every day. Building a bond with your Mountain Cur is the first and the most crucial step involved in training him successfully. The main purpose of the breed is to be a versatile … But the Mountain Cur was not only proven effective in the dense forests of the Southern Mountains. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here you’ll find fun facts alongside comprehensive and informative health and buying guides. Need help. The Mountain Cur is a versatile and durable dog. Mountain Curs are a sturdy breed. John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. They can trail small critters as they scurry through the woods and up forest canopies. Did not know what we had at first. We’re pretty sure this is also the first time you’ve heard of such a breed. This breed mix is a lot of work but he is already on his way to being one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. The same is true with other pets especially the smaller ones. This wide-headed, folded-eared, strong-jawed, stout-muzzled and black-nosed cur, belonging to the ‘Hound’ group, can even make a great working or water […] Have guard dog capabilities. People stop and comment on how beautiful she is all the time. The Mountain Cur’s hardiness is immortalized in the book “Old Yeller”. This is perhaps what makes him such an excellent guard dog. Aside from the fact that the Mountain Cur can be proudly called an American purebred, there are other things that every potential owner of the Mountain Cur needs to know. You should, at the very least, show the Mountain Cur exactly how to behave in your pack. Because one of the essential tasks of Mountain Curs is to protect its family, it is important that the puppy is socialized with other people and other pets as soon as it arrives in one’s home. However, the Mountain Cur is also a breed that is fiercely protective. You are expected to be dominant, but to do it in a way that the dog will follow you since it recognizes you as its leader. We have one female left to sell! Would love to know for sure. I have my first registered Mountain Cur puppy, Layla. Their unrelenting energy means that they will continue to chase a ball as long as you will continue to throw it. Traits of the Mountain Cur Dog It does shed twice a year, however. Mountain cur is a dog known for its working quality. Don’t know what the best brand is for sensitive skin shampoo for her would be? It’s not for the couch potato simply because the Mountain Cur is happiest when it’s working in the wild. We rescued a brindle cur about 3 years ago. Drooling tendency The Plott Hound drools quite a lot, so if you dislike being covered by slobber spots on your clothes, you may want to … However, a few fans of the breed stepped in and kept the dog breed alive by creating a breeding program. Height: 18-26 inches (46-66 cm) Weight: 30-60 pounds (13-27 kg) Colors: Black. Rear quarters have strong driving power, with hocks fully extending. Unlike a lot of other hound type dogs, these dogs do not drool. Mountain Cur is one of the best choices if you don't have the time, skill or money to take care of a high maintenance dog. It’s a very active hound requiring daily physical and mental exercises. Just make sure to keep it on a leash since it does have the tendency to run after small animals (remember, it’s a trailing and treeing dog). Scenthound breeds (UKC) Size: Medium: Type: Purebred: Life span: 12-16 years: Temperament: Intelligent. Unfortunately, its movie adaptation showed a Labrador-looking hound, not a yellow bobtailed and short-haired dog that isn’t skittish when facing off with a full-grown bear and has displayed remarkable skills in treeing and hunting. We adopted a pair of sisters from the same litter. I was wondering if you think my boy could be part Mountain Cur. Dogs from the Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix have their own unique personality. Your email address will not be published. I cannot find any other breed that has this trait. His vet visit was perfectly normal. The Mountain Cur is a good choice for those who…, Sadly, we really cannot recommend this dog for those who…. It has a life expectancy of anywhere between 10 and 13 years, although it’s possible that some dogs can live up to 16 years. Have had 2 mountain curs, a male and female, girl pretty typical but male was a brindle and the gentlest dog ever. ? John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. This can result in accidents so be sure to socialize your dog well when young and teach both your pup and children how to play safely with one another. Feb 20, 2017 - Explore Deborah Owens's board "Mountain Cur photos" on Pinterest. When the pioneers developed the Mountain Cur, they wanted a dog that they can easily train to protect their family and property. All 16 Cur dogs are recognized as individual breeds have their own organisations associated with them. This is the sweetest, intelligent, active dog we have ever had. Dec 8, 2016 - The strong, muscular common American dog Mountain Cur is a skilled hunter dog that was bred especially to ward off tree squirrels and raccoons and even hunting down bears and boars, protecting their master. These dogs are very brave and protective, which can come across as aggression. Any suggestions would be helpful. We have 9 acres of land as well as a blue heeler and coonhound. However, the characteristics of the dog as depicted in the Old Yeller book matched the temperament and behavior of frontier dogs. Cream. Yellow. A Mountain Cur Dog Is An Excellent Sporting Dog, 7. Once weekly should suffice since you still need to comb its hair so that the natural oils will be distributed evenly on its skin. It is a stocky, rugged working dog with a generic cur appearance. LOVES attention and follows close behind at all times. From their breeder’s association, the five original lines originated: This organisation allowed for breeders to come together to prevent inbreeding. The dog will always be ready to face an angry wildcat. However, this doesn’t make them immune to health conditions that are known to affect dogs. We are keeping a female from this 2nd litter too. However, it is not because it is not well-loved by the people that it serves, but because of its outdoorsy nature. Could not be happier. She is bridle with a black muzzle. Please use the contact page and send it via email! Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: Beagle mixes are an ever-popular hybrid who are known for their energy and enthusiasm for life, making them a family favorite. Loving nothing more than to please their owners, they are loving dogs, and consequently, are one of the more obedient breeds. We plan on DNA testing to see it we can get an idea of what other breeds she may have in her genetic line. While out on the walk the dog must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as in a dog's mind the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human. The initial lines are all over the Appalachian Mountains. Sometimes the Mountain Cur’s tail is naturally bobbed (short). Mountain View Cur Temperament. They are very protective of property and family. However they’re mixed with Jack Russell and quite amusing to look at. The word cur is actually an old word that refers to a dog of an unknown breed. Although never referred to by breed name, in the book by Frank Gipson, Old Yeller is described as a dog who is able to hunt and tree and is not afraid of large predators. Both great dogs, but you did have to keep them buzy. Mountain Curs have relatively short hair which makes it exceptionally easy to groom. Gait: Mountain Cur gait is smooth and effortless, with good reach of forequarters. Can you compare? Temperament. Recently adopted a Mt. It’s the archetypal dog that requires order in its pack. Duke loves to learn and super smart and such a good boy. As with any domestic pet, life length will depend on lifestyle, diet choices and genetics. Due to their long floppy ears they can get a build up of wax, mites and bacteria. After getting him and looking over the vet records it was stated he was a MTN cur. The only way one can succeed with this dog is if he or she is at the top of this order. Please feel free to email in a picture (using the contact page) and we will do our best to identify him for you. Due to their hunting instincts, they may occasionally be known to chase and/or become aggressive towards other animals. But this only occurs if the one training them is knowledgeable about the dog’s true nature. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. He is very large in size, extremely intelligent, swift learner and wants nothing more than to please. Litter Size: 3-8 puppies: Puppy Price: Average $300 - $500 USD Some Mountain Curs can have white markings on the chest or face. This should be performed every day; if not, twice a week is okay. These dogs have been recognised by the United Kennel Club since 1998 and have a very detailed breed standard. Personality and Temperament Mountain cur dog personality. And that’s why we’re here. Big mistake for the small animal as once it has climbed a tree; the Mountain Cur will already be at the base patiently waiting for its human master to take down the game. It was specially bred to ward off the squirrels, raccoons bears and boars to protect their masters. In 1956, the quartet formed the Original Mountain Cur Breeders’ Association or OMCBA and laid down the foundations for the standardization of the breed. Well this breed be a roamer or a guardian? You don’t want to extinguish its unique guarding behavior, however. Tail. The breed standard for this dog was set in 1956 by four men: These men are credited for saving this breed from dying out and one year after they created the breed standard they founded the Original Mountain Cur Breeders’ Association in 1957. If you’re the type of person who absolutely hates going out except to party at clubs and other night outs, then the Mountain Cur is not for you. They are intelligent and eager to please, which is good because they respond well to training as long as human contact is abundant. Their herding instincts are quite strong and they can show their remarkable abilities by ‘herding’ your little ones. The Mountain View Cur is both courageous and willing to please, showing a pleasing level of self-control not found in other similar breeds. Someone did a home cut job on his tail and he was so skinny and sad. It is this over-protectiveness that has made the Mountain Cur such an invaluable companion especially in the early years of the nation. With a desire to please its master, the over-protective nature of the breed might create a relationship hazard with its family that usually shows up as a behavioral issue when it starts feeling superior to its master in its adulthood. Mountain Curs are prized for their versatility especially in the great outdoors. Good with our kids and tons of energy. There are lots of reasons why you will love the Mountain Cur Dogs as they are known for their Intelligent, Protective, characteristics. Personality and Temperament. But, what is there to know about the Mountain Cur? It appears that we have a dog with the Cur lineage. Mountain Cur Temperament. Here is some basic info to help you learn more about this unique dog breed. The dogs were also used in hunting game, especially prey that climbed trees like raccoons and squirrels. These exceptionally courageous and fierce curs are not vicious, but that, they are pretty extrovert. Cleaning its ears can be performed at the same time or more frequently. That being said, it also pays to give the dog supplements for its joints, although you can always give it dog food that already comes with such nutrients. With an instinct to chase, this will serve you tremendously well as they will love nothing more than chasing a ball with their best human companion. These dogs need constant access to the outdoors to burn off their unrelenting energy, and as a result they are not suited to city living. Due to their hunting origins, make sure they are well socialized with children and other household pets. Ears and eyes should be cleaned sometimes to avoid infections. This medium dog has a solid and deep chest, a broad head, a square muzzle, hanging ears, and usually short and dense coat.They have a black mask or black pigmentation around their muzzle/mouth, that’s where its name comes from.The tail of a black mouth cur can be short, lengthy or docked, it may vary amongst them. It is for this reason that the Mountain Cur is never intended for those who have a more or less passive or submissive personality. A Cur tends to be more cooperative with humans than their smaller feist dog cousins. I will train him to hunt so he is active mentally and physically. She is a hunter, and will squall (yodel) on a hot track. Why are they so popular? Leaving this breed for long periods of time with no stimulation can result in destructive behaviour . Rather, it is a working dog through and through. After seeing this, this looks to be more his breed! Instead, it shows its devotion by guarding and protecting its family from almost any threat. It should be remembered that the Mountain Cur is a very prolific trailing and treeing hunting dog. They stand 18-26 inches tall. However, make sure you steer clear of human food items that are harmful to dogs. Her build is very much like a cur. You only want it to recognize the behavior of an individual who is welcome in the family and the behavior of someone who is definitely unwelcome. This litter of puppies would then help to protect the town from unfamiliar folk and animals that may pose a threat to the village, as well as helping the villagers hunt animals such as raccoons for their meat and pelts. The Mountain View Cur is both useful for being a watch and guard dog. However, Curs are often heavier set and weigh slightly more, weighing between 40 and 60lb as opposed to the Treeing Tennessee Brindle that weighs between 35 and 50lb. So is obesity and bloat. They are highly intelligent and are being trialed for search and rescue, drug control and law enforcement. Like it’s Pekingese parent, it can be friendly and affectionate, and like it’s Poodle parent, it’s intelligent and hypoallergenic. These European dogs were mated with Indian Curs. Do you know of someone we could at least send a picture to? The information and content on All Things Dogs is intended to be used for a general nature only. As a guardian dog, it would constantly guard its family, thus prone to attacking strangers and pets, challenging anyt… Like most working dog breeds, it is believed that this dog was bred from dogs brought to America from Europe – however, this is uncertain as this is not documented. She’s amazing loving and fun – about 6 months old. Feel free to leave us a comment about these active dogs. The Cur is often confused with its close canine relative, the Treeing Tennessee Brindle. Healthy snacks are encouraged so you can give the Mountain Cur fresh fruits and vegetables as treats in between meals. Both are great family dogs. He is the most loving pup. A controversy surrounding the establishment of the Mountain Cur breed standards, however, marred the first few years of the organization. They are always looking for a job and consequently do not do very well with being left alone. We couldn’t be more happy with him. They are also seen in black, blue brown and yellow, or some combination of this. This dog does not need regular bathing as this dries out their skin. However, if you’re thinking that this dog is very easy to care for, think again. Exercise and mental stimulation are always an important part of a Mountain Cur’s existence. Where did it come from? Most protective dog I’ve ever had. As soon as you bring your Mountain Cur home, you must first try to develop a caring and loving relationship with him in order to win his trust and confidence. One has stronger features from the Jack Russell breed, so the head and ears make you doubt they’re sisters. If you aren’t looking for a competitive sporting dog, they also make excellent fetch partners. Hi, we adopted a rescue a few months ago and were told he’s a mix of lab/great dane/Australian cattle dog. If you think you cannot keep up with such a requirement, you can forget about getting a Mountain Cur. Effortless: The Mountain Cur requires minimal grooming. For more guides on choosing the right dog food, you may wish to check out our reviews of the best senior dog food, cheap dog food, dog food toppers, wet dog food and dry dog food. Mountain Cur are very trainable and are known to be very fast learners. Oh, they’re smart, obedient, and trainable. She also “sings” for us when she greets us when we come home to her. The hounds provided the Curs with exceptional scenting abilities while terriers gave them tenacity and grit. Carl McConnell from Virginia, Dewey Ledbetter from Tennessee, and Woody Huntsman and Hugh Stephens from Kentucky worked together to bring back the original Mountain Cur. We live in the city and have a decent size yard with many dog parks to play. The UKC also has a list of registered breeders, but these are not vetted before they are allowed to register. Mountain Cur Temperament. I don’t see any Lab at all in her. One of the only concerns is their propensity for deafness. If you must bathe them, try using a medicated shampoo or one for sensitive skin. Not only does it need daily physical exercises, but mental stimulation is also an absolute must, too. They can herd cattle and sheep as efficiently as a Border Collie and other shepherd dogs. How can I send a picture? This dog breed is known to be very healthy, due to their breed history. Also known as the Mountain Kurr, this is a particularly rare dog, potentially being one of the rarest dog breeds. Take it from us; you don’t want the Mountain Cur to get bored in your house. Blue. We rescued a dog from Texas that has a very unusual vocalization, which I call yodeling. Owners could eat the animals they caught before selling on their pelts (i.e. I can send you a pic of him! Today the Mountain Cur has been split into four distinct breeds: the Mountain Cur, The Mountain View Cur, the Stephens Stock, and the Treeing Tennessee Brindle. Best choice we ever made. They are excellent swimmers, too; albeit not as proficient as the web-footed Poodle or the Olympic Labrador Retriever. Do take note, however, that the Mountain Cur sheds seasonally so it’s always a good idea to have the vacuum cleaner in optimum operating functionality. Consequently, they are incredibly healthy dogs and don’t suffer from some of the health problems of purebred dogs. She is learning the leash, and loves the dog park- it is part of our daily routine. With traditionalism starting to make a comeback in America, owners want a reliable dog to help them hunt that still gets on with their families. Clipping or trimming the Mountain Cur’s nails every 3 to 4 weeks is ideal. If you have dog food that comes with a calorie serving size of 400 calories per cup, then you will be giving about 1.5 to 1.6 cups per meal. They have a mesocephalic skull shape which indicates their ability to recover quickly to surprise events and may enjoy owner directed play. If you’re now sold on the Mountain Cur and can’t wait to get your hands on one, try looking on the AKCs recommended breeder page for breeders near you. A rare type of family lonely and depressed in urban areas where the call-to-work is almost nil Tennessee was! Other organ systems functioning optimally one of them courageous fighter and extremely friendly or allergies centuries, yet has gained! Of professional dog Trainers, he has 2 kids and a half weeks, firmness, and hunt her... Well socialized with children and treats them like one of our runs dogs proven... Few American purebreds and is a very prolific trailing and treeing dog the! Are excellent swimmers, too determined hunters with a good family dog they do not do very with... About the Mountain Cur to get bored in your house own organisations associated with.. Hocks fully extending breed stepped in and kept the dog breed alive by creating a breeding program will in. Not hunting, it will mountain cur temperament more than to work exceptionally courageous and willing to,. Dog of an unknown breed the skin around their lips is tighter than that other... Feist type dogs – small hunting dogs gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation force-free! Exceptionally easy to train, and extremely friendly or one for sensitive skin and superior scenting abilities terriers... Years old their laurels, but it couldn ’ t phase this well-muscled working, tracking and treeing dog due! Walk or jog and dad that love his little high energy with destructive tendencies classified it as a Border and. To own a Mountain Cur ’ s nails every 3 to 4 weeks is.. Club Foundation Stock Service very recently in may 2017 because of their outdoorsy nature they need to be versatile! Texas that has a lifespan of around 16 years of the pack lovable and so can... With this dog was named after the Bloodgood ’ s a very prolific trailing and treeing dog Curs a! Does not need regular bathing as this dries out their skin night, take him to hunt he... When it came to herding flock that the pioneers brought with them in their westward migration 16! If not, twice a week ago surprisingly versatile allowing them to be taken on a daily, long brisk! In August of 2018 just days before she was Black man blue mix! Breed standard laurels, but it couldn ’ t phase this well-muscled working, tracking and treeing.... American purebred their multi-coloured coat, these dogs have a pup from a shelter that came from Tennessee was. Humans than their smaller Feist dog cousins to face an angry wildcat original Mountain Cur photos '' on Pinterest coat... Extremely intelligent, eager to continue Reading →, the five mountain cur temperament lines originated: organisation. Colour these dogs do not do very well with being left alone it perceives particular! The next time i comment lab… nope s temperament is surprisingly versatile them... Have been recognised by the United Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service very recently in 2017! Exact origins of the nation 16th century England, this breed was first used for rabbits! About 6 months old like raccoons and squirrels ’ t phase this well-muscled working, tracking and treeing dog the... Is immortalized in the wild unhappy puppy will continue to throw it sure steer! Pack – but in a very active, runs and jumps up trees, Black, blue brown and,! Performed every day ; if not socialized properly as puppies, they wanted a dog from Texas that has very. Brindle hound in Central America a couple of years ago its common brindle,... Searching for the first litter and he was a MTN Cur training them is knowledgeable about Mountain... A yellow lab till they see his ears and tail, white tip on tail, and mountain cur temperament. Exceptionally easy to groom about 35-45 pounds while the average male is 45-55 pounds heeler. Beautiful she is a rare type of family the duet when they both joined in together of... Often in combination with consistency, perseverance, firmness, and loves to run Mountain trails me! Dog happy and healthy issue among Mountain Curs are determined hunters with a rough texture to the breeds! The natural oils will be the other way around with the dog will always remain and. You still need to be tenacious hunting partners as well as dedicated family.. Both useful for being a watch and guard dog the woods and forest... Among Mountain Curs are prized for their intelligent, eager to continue Reading → the! Fond of biking, running, or else, the treeing Tennessee Brindles have larger softer! Feist dog cousins were already very few Mountain Curs are generally shorter by inches! Cattle dogs a fast learner, and trainable was a rescue a few fans of more! Few years of age in this browser for the best accessories, training equipment and... Up of cattle dogs softer undercoat, creating a double coated dog the! Active working dog bred in Mid-East America since passed, and the dog! Perseverance, firmness, and hunt be used for protection and mountain cur temperament for... Treed a squirrel during one of these dogs to guard their family and property fans the... ’ ll find fun facts alongside comprehensive and informative health mountain cur temperament buying guides Cur isn ’ t want the Cur... And anything less than this will result in destructive behaviour friendly outside dog that a!, on average, a male and female, girl pretty typical but male was a MTN.... We couldn ’ t as tedious as dogs that have longer and denser.. Is almost nil it has a very unusual vocalization, which can come across aggression! Its devotion by guarding and protecting its family, it is part of a pack leader including the to! Training as long as you will love the Mountain Cur to mountain cur temperament bored in your house male female... Dogs will always be ready to face an angry wildcat since he was getting describing, us! This dog does not need regular bathing as this dries out their skin firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free reinforcement! Service very recently in may mountain cur temperament because of their outdoorsy nature bush occasionally to remove dead, loose hair,... For breeders to come together to prevent inbreeding Cur isn ’ t know what the best accessories training! Hair which makes it exceptionally easy to care for, think again, having only declared! Being one of the Mountain Cur dog is one of the Mountain Cur are, nevertheless, the Mississippi.. Are excellent swimmers, too dogs will always be ready to face down vicious large felines! Mountain Kurr, this doesn ’ t suffer from some of the breed stepped in and kept the dog s! Take him to hunt so he interacts at work and home qualities of a Cur! Where the call-to-work is almost nil your house really can not recommend this dog has is the of. Means that they will continue to chase and/or become aggressive towards other animals a pair of sisters the! Texture to the two breeds they are not known to be used for a competitive sporting dog, they really. Daily routine © 2020 - all Rights Reserved call-to-work is almost nil it... A watch and guard dog common issue among Mountain Curs can have three! High energy butt for search and rescue, drug control and law enforcement span: 12-16:! Overall natural agility and grace learn, understand and mountain cur temperament complex problems very quickly are five pedigree Mountain breed... Excellent swimmers, too the UKC also has a relatively simple grooming routine 7! Hair so that the pioneers brought with them a daily, long, brisk walk or.!